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Welcome to Mesonista

Mesonista.com – Division of MyWardrobe,  LLC was founded in 2008 by Founder/CEO Keesha Parsons.  Keesha’s team of professionals worked hard to bring you a go-to fashion marketing agency for Designers.
MyWardrobe has been featured in countless newspapers, entrepreneur e-commerce radio and also featured on Telemundo TV.
We have assisted in the marketing efforts of Venus fashion, an online retailer of clothing;  fashion designer Adolfo Sanchez; LeChic USA, an online fashion boutique; David Buchanan, fashion designer of high-end luxury accessories for men to name a few.
We have collaborated with Nolcha Shows and assisted in the marketing efforts of independent fashion designers featured in Nolcha fashion shows.  We have also collaborated with White Satin Wedding Show.
We bring you creative marketing strategies and a business network  to help you develop your brand in the world of fashion.
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 Mesonista helps you with building and leveraging the ideal business network.  Work alongside our professionals to reach your ultimate goal.

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