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5 Tips for Getting the Casual Chic Look

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Casual chic is more than just a style of dress; it is a lifestyle.  Learning to get the casual chic look right will allow you to feel comfortable and look fantastic whether at work, a night out or just a family meeting.

However, it s not just a case of throwing on clothes that will keep you comfortable; you need to be aware of the current styles and how to combine them effectively.  In fact, it is often the small details which make the difference.

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Combine the right jeans, plain top and accessories will ensure you look sophisticated and ready for anything!  Of course, the ever present sunglasses do help to provide that chic, almost unattainable look.  The trick is to know when to try out new items and when to stick to the outfit which you know works.   Here are 5 tips to make sure you look perfect every time you leave the house:

Combinations Work Best

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Whilst there are times when a dress is the right choice, in general you will find that combining casual with smart is the way to look effortlessly chic.

To pull this look off you must opt for the tailored look.  Whether you are wearing jeans or smart trousers, a simple t-shirt or a chic blouse; your clothes must be a good fit.  This is one of the most important concepts of the casual chic look.


The tailored aspect will allow you to combine casual with smart and obtain perfect results; every time.


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Learning how to layer your clothes is also essential.  Unfortunately you can never be sure of the weather.  To protect against this but keep the right look then layer up.  This does not mean put on everything you own!

In its simplest form this involves putting on a cardigan over your top.  It is best to use a well fitted cardigan over a blouse and keep your top half smart.  In general it is much more difficult to layer casual layers and keep the casual chic look.

The best time to play with your style is when you are meeting your friends; not when you are heading for the event of the year!


Current Trends

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You may not wish to copy the exact styles of the catwalk.  After all, many of the amazing designs you see on show are simply not practical in everyday life.  However, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pay attention to what is happening in the world of fashion.

Whether you are exploring floral options or simply going with the in color; you must stick to the combination approach.  Smart mixed with casual clothing will ensure you get the look right every time.


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There are those that argue that a casual chic outfit can be complemented by a quality pair of sneakers.  Whilst it is possible the right pair can finish an outfit you must proceed with caution!

Sneakers can easily downgrade your entire ensemble, creating a sporty chic look or simply suggesting that you grabbed the wrong shoes as you headed out the door.

You can opt for flats or heels; in fact the choice of shoes is impressive; providing you keep them on the smarter side.


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If you really need to wear sneakers, keep them simple and just one color.


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There are three key accessories to make any outfit look perfect:

  1. The right bag: It has to match your outfit and be easy to carry; as well as large enough to include all those essential items.
  2. Sunglasses: These have become the one item that you cannot leave home without; even in the winter. Not only do they add the element of mystery; they also protect your eyes and help reduce the appearance of wrinkles; from squinting.
  3. Jewelry: To get the casual chic look right you need to keep your jewelry to a minimum; one necklace and a bracelet or watch is sufficient. Don’t go over the top!

Anyone Can Do It

Creating a casual chic look involves use clothes which fit well whilst mixing and matching different garments.  If you stick to the tips and combine your clothes you will look fantastic; every time you open the door.

Just remember: the time to play with your style is at small, private events, stick to what you know works when you attend work events or other, more important ones!

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