Why hire a Beauty Agency vs. a salon, or freelance artist?

If you go to a salon you lose the opportunity to have an intimate setting with you and your bridal party and run the risk of keeping everything on a scheduled timeline. By having both your hair and makeup artists come to your location you save time from having to run from one location to the next. When you hire a reputable beauty agency vs freelance artists you can be rest assured that if your scheduled artist is sick they will have a replacement with equal qualifications to save your day. At Krystal Rose Studio we keep a file on each bride of trial notes, pictures, timelines, and more that are available to the agency, in which we can match an artist to best suit your needs and schedule to simply step in to ensure a flawless wedding day for you as if nothing ever happened.When hiring a beauty agency, your selection of top professionals is much broader, with the security of not having a mishap with an artist on your wedding day is alleviated.


  1. Be Stress Free

    Enjoy the salon/spa coming to you on your wedding day, relax and be pampered in the comfort of your hotel, home, or venue, while sipping on champagne, enjoying breakfast, and chatting with your girlfriends. You already have enough to worry about, leave the beauty part to the professionals.
  2. Be The Best You

    Although you may say I don’t wear much makeup so I’ll just do it myself, what you may not realize is there is a lot more detail in creating a natural makeup look for photography than you think. Bridal makeup is entirely different from your everyday makeup,even if you do a great job the key is to know how the makeup photographs. A professional makeup artist will highlight your best features and contouring any imperfections.  They will use proper techniques and professional products that are best for all day wear to keep you looking flawless through your entire wedding and reception. Your makeup artist is going to know what colors to use to make your eyes pop and how to apply eye shadows correctly for your eye shape. Your hairstylist is going to know what hairstyles will best suit your facial shape, facial features, and fit your desired hairstyle within your bridal theme. Also, your hairstylist will keep in mind how your hair will photograph from every angle to make sure symmetry is perfect.

  3.  High Quality Professional Products

    Professional hair/makeup artists carry high quality expensive products that are designed for HD film/TV, longevity, and wear-ability.Leave your hair and makeup in the hands of professionals who have taken years of professional training to keep up on the trends, techniques, and latest product inventions. Do your research when hiring your artist, ask them what is in their kit, as most professionals have spent $500-$2500 on their kits.

  4. Your Skin, Why Is It So Important?

    Everyone is looking at you on your wedding day as you are the center of attention, so invest in you- this is your day do it your way! In order to achieve that flawless makeup look we all want, we first need to take care of our skin. A professional makeup artist will be able to examine and give recommendations for improving your skin and possibly be able to customize a skin care routine for you or recommend a series of facials before the big day.

  5. Why is a bridal trial important?

    A bridal trial is a chance for you to meet with your artists and try hair/makeup styles you like to give you an idea of what your overall look will be. Just because you love a certain hairstyle on someone else it may or may not be the right look on you. You will want to meet them and make sure that your personalities are compatible, because they will be a part of an intimate time with you and your bridal party. At your trial you should be able to communicate your ideas or concerns and be open to receiving feedback from your stylist on what looks may be best suited for you. A professional artist who is great at what they do will listen to your concerns, make sure you’re comfortable, and will gain your trust in the process. You should walk out of your bridal trial feeling like a million bucks, and if you don’t make sure you let your artist know, as they are there to make you happy.


So…. Will you be hiring a professional to do your makeup and hair on your wedding day? Remember you get what you pay for, make sure you do your research when hiring an artist. If there is a makeup/hair stylistoffering super low prices for on-location wedding makeup/hair, they are most likely lacking experience.  Book a professional with a portfolio, reviews, and a good reputation, because it is not worth hiring the wrong person for your wedding day! If you’re looking for excellence in hair and makeup artistry with the added benefit of a beauty coordinator sending out pre-wedding day beauty tips, day of timeline, and providing superior service then look to an agency like Krystal Rose Studio. Not only do you receive a team of talented artists, but a beauty coordinator as wellat no extra cost.

** Krystal Rose Studio is located in Los Angeles and New York

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