Best New Casual Chic Looks to try for the summer

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Best New Casual Chic Looks to try for the summer

Summer is always a fantastic time of year!  The days are longer, the sun is shining and you will automatically feel happier.  Of course, summer brings its own challenges; keeping cool as the mercury rises can be difficult, as can keeping up with the latest clothing trend.


The Sheer Skirt


Looking and keeping cool whilst maintaining your casual chic look is possible.  One item which must find its way into your wardrobe is the sheer skirt.  It looks stunning and can be coupled with a variety of tops to create a more chic or more casual look.  In fact, this is one skirt you could wear straight from the beach to the bar!




Get your legs out and slip into a pair of denim shorts; they will be one of the essential summer wardrobe items in 2017.  Although they have never really dropped out of fashion, the denim short is huge this year because of its versatility and long list of celebrity fans.

Best of all, you can couple it with a simple t-shirt or crop top to get casual, or upgrade it with a shirt and a light jacket to get a casual chic look which will take you right through the evening!

Men Can Get In On This Act Too!


The denim short is a tried and tested piece of every casual chic wardrobe; even men can comfortably pull off this look:


The best way to ensure you retain the right look is to keep the shorts smart and couple them with a plain shirt; it takes moments to put on and provides an effortless laid back yet sophisticated look.


The White Dress


No, this is not the wedding dress!  However, just as the little black dress is essential for parties; the little white dress is an essential for the summer.



Whilst the denim shorts border on casual and require a little dressing up; the little white dress needs no announcement.  It is simple, close enough to show your figure without being figure hugging, and, elegant.

Whether you are hitting the beach or the after show party you won’t have any problem with this latest fashion piece!


The nautical look is most definitely out!  This year it is good to wear color.  In fact, the walkways in Paris and Milan are full of color and more than a nod to the fashion of the eighties.  This can be used to create the perfect casual chic look:

Keep cool with a bright skirt above the knee and an almost as bright light blouse.  BY keeping the colors plain you can create just the right look, couple it with some heels and you are ready for anything!

Mixing it Up



This is perhaps one of the most daunting trends but it is not as difficult as it seems!  This year will provide you with the opportunity to wear a variety of colors, stripes and even floral; at the same time!

The best way to get this trend right is to keep one item plain; the rest can be patterned, pictured, and as eccentric as you like!


Showing Just a Little


The sheer dress, kaftan or even the peek-a-boo; with just a glimpse of the forbidden parts, are all hot this summer.  You need to keep the lines simple and minimize your accessories to pull off this casual chic style; but it will certainly help to keep you cool whilst looking your best at every moment of the day.

Celebrities may be opting for the sheer dress; with little left to the imagination.  But, you can choose to be a little more modest!  Simple layers under or over a sheer dress can add mystique whilst maintaining the look.

Summer 2017 is set to be one where almost anything goes; make your own style by mixing and matching.  Use layers and colors to ensure you have the look of summer; but be sure to finish every look with your best sunglasses; they are the must have accessory of 2017!



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