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Can the Sneaker Ever be Considered Casual Chic

The sneaker has been around since the 18th century and has appeared in a wide range of guises.  The original sneaker gained its name because it was the first shoe to enable its wearer to move without making a sound; effectively sneak round.

Since that first inception the humble sneaker has become produced as a tennis shoe, basketball boot and running shoes.  It is increasingly worn but can it ever be considered casual chic; or is it just casual?


Nike has the slogan ‘Just do it’.  It is designed for sports men and women to provide the best possible comfort and support when exercising.  Nike has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars building a reputation for sports shoes and clothing.  This has been endorsed by many celebrities as they head back and forth of their visits to the gym.

From Fit to Chic

Despite the high profile use of sneakers and their association with fitness, many of the biggest brands have tried the move into casual chic.  The approach has been simple; recognizable branding combined with a smarter looking shoe.


This type of shoes retain the classic look of the trainer but adds a more refined and up market finish to make the shoe more stylish and street smart than gym ready.


Sneakers can be used with your sportswear attire but they can also be worn effectively with a simply jeans and t-shirt combination.  Cropped jeans accentuate the shoe and paired with the simple, casual top give a more refined look.  

However, the overall feel is of someone who is relaxed but is still ready to go to the gym or for a run.  Is this considered casual chic or simply comfortable fashion?

The Comfortable Look

If you are looking for a comfortable, yet scullery look, or even a fun, up for anything approach to life, then you can pair a comfortable pair of sneakers with your best casual look to create a fantastic and appealing combination.

Comfortable sneakers will tend to have a flatter sole and low backs; helping to provide the relaxed look and feel.

The Casual Chic


Keep the sneaker simple, particularly in the color department and you have something that could be paired with almost any outfit.  The fact that many celebrities have started to adopt the smart sneaker and wear it with almost any outfit has made it more socially accepted.

Certainly in the picture above you can see an example of the casual chic fashion combined with color coordinated sneakers; which works.  Perhaps the answer to creating an effective casual chic look is to ensure the focus is more on the ultra trendy lace up pants; with the trainers simply an accessory.

There is certainly room for the right pair of sneakers in a casual chic outfit; but despite what you may see, there is no room for the sneaker as an accompaniment to the suit.  It may manage to appeal as part of a casual chic wardrobe, but, the sneaker has yet to be matched successfully with your Sunday best.


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