Check out the Latest Fitness Trends and How to get the Image Right

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Check out the Latest Fitness Trends and How to get the Image Right

by Nathan Chilcott

Staying fit has become an important part of many people’s lives.  The trend by celebrities to always look their best is one which is worthwhile copying.  Even when your workout leaves you feeling hot and sweaty it is possible to look good in the right gear.

Source: squaremile

Clothing is only one part of the latest trends; not everyone hits the gym to exercise; there are plenty of opportunities to get a good workout in the local area.  Although at this time of year the days are starting to get longer if you enjoy an early morning run then it is worth considering getting some running lights.

Source: Gone for a run

These clip on led lights can go on your shoes, arms or even your belt and help you to be seen.  Or you can just wear them to look like you’ve been running!  An optional extra is the headlight to help you see where you are going; the moon is not always there to guide you.

The Fitness Band

Source: Wareable

These have become the ultimate accessory; regardless of which sport you are undertaking.  The best ones monitor your heart rate, distance and a host of other information which will help you to improve at your chosen activity.  They also look pretty cool!

The Right Gear

There are many pieces of equipment which are designed for specific sports.  However, some items can be used across the range.  Trainers are one of the best examples of this.  Although they are marketed for specific sports; a comfortable and good quality pair of running shoes will be useful in almost every type of activity.  They can also help you to look good:

Source: Nike

There are two parts to looking good when exercising.  The first is having the right gear as shown above.  These items will help you to look the part whilst serving a valuable purpose.  The second part is the clothing.  In general you will want two sets; one to look good and be comfortable in whilst training, the other is to look good in after you have finished.

Source: AliExpress

If you are working out in the gym then a simple yet stylish tracksuit should be fine for all you need.  Ideally this should be coupled with a t-shirt to allow you to remove the outer layer after warming up.

Of course, if you are already in good shape and your exercise routine is simply part of staying that way you may wish to consider wearing something a little tighter.  After all, part of the fun of exercising is showing the results!

Source: Nike

A compression top from Nike will keep you looking good, define your body and help maintain your body temperature whilst exercising.

Having completed your workout you will need to head home; you do not want to do this in your sweaty clothes.  They may show that you have put your all into your routine; but they will not attract the admiring glances which make you feel so good!

Source: dhgate

The best way to look good after your workout is to shower and slip into a figure hugging hoodie.  This reflects the activity you have just been doing, shows how good your figure looks, but keeps the sweat marks well out of mind!

Alternatively, pair a simple, fitted white t-shirt with some jogging pants and look relaxed and energetic at the same time.

The real trick to getting the image right is choosing clothing that you are comfortable wearing and highlights what you have achieved.  Exercise is hard work; you have a right to show off the results!

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