Dare to Bare – Can the Nude Catwalk Fashion Survive on the Street?

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Dare to Bare – Can the Nude Catwalk Fashion Survive on the Street?

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By all accounts Bella Hadid was the talk of the party when she wore her baby blue naked dress to the Christian Dior party at the Paris Fashion Show.  Is this the perfect example of the nude trend working on the street?

Loud and proud

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Being proud of your body is important; it is something that is being widely promoted by celebrities and across social media.  But, does this mean that the trend for wearing clothes which are barely there is a realistic and good look for the street?  It is certainly likely that the some of these fashionable items will find their way into a collection near you.  The question is whether you should wear it, or indeed, if you are brave enough to!

Less is More

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We are all familiar with the photos of celebrities wearing very little, baring their impressive cleavages or toned midriffs.  However, the majority of these images stop short of giving a clear view of the assets you have to offer.  The age old adage of less is more may not be true in this instance.  There is a point at which you go past the allure and mystique and brazenly state “This is me.”  Again, this could be argued to be a step forward for the feminists.  It is certainly becoming an accepted look and this, in itself, could be seen as progress.

It’s not Just Women!

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Men are also seen in the less is more fashion; although somehow this is more acceptable.  Perhaps this is because we are already used to seeing men’s bare chests exposed in a variety of locations.  Most societies simply accept this fact; it doesn’t even seem to matter whether the man is in good physical condition or not, this cannot be said to be true for a woman daring to embrace the latest trend.


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It is interesting to note that the nip slip style demonstrated so perfectly by Nicky Minaj above was actually a trend as long ago as 1999.  The picture above shows Lil’Kim eighteen years ago!  The fact that this style has not successfully made an appearance in street clothing suggests that there is a limit to what the average consumer will purchase; according to the retailers.  The question is would you be brave enough to try it?

There are those who would save this is provocative and can lead to temptation and even unwanted attention by men; which is entirely justifiable.  However, this simply highlights the difference between how the male body and the female one is seen.

Party Time

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There are of courses places where even an average person can wear this daring fashion trend.  Any intimate party will be an opportunity.  In fact any venue where you will be going straight there and will have the support of your friends at all times.  This will help to curb any unwanted attention.  You could also wear this type of dress to a premier; if you are lucky enough to be invited!

Daily Wear

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The real test of any fashion selection is whether you could wear it out to meet your friends and whether you would feel comfortable doing so.  In fact this is the main issue with much of the stunning items you see at the fashion shows.  They look fantastic, but even if you could purchase it; you simply would not have the right occasion to wear it!

Of course, there are some items which stand out; merging the latest trend with high street fashion to create a perfect blend of style and personal statement.  This is the ultimate goal for anyone who likes to look their best at all times.

The Future

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The future will undoubtedly hold more and more selections of barely there or even nude clothing.  There have been incidents before when the models have walked onto the runway wearing nothing but a handbag.  It is highly likely to happen again; or something even more adventurous!  But, until society is more accepting of the female body and your right to freedom of expression without judgment, it is highly unlikely that you will see the entire range of nude fashion as you stroll through town.

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