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Staying on trend can prove to be a daunting task for the modern man. Do you clean shave or go for a chevron mustache? CrossFit or pure calisthenics? Join Instagram or social media detox? It can all be a bit knackering. As the years go by, we have seen trends in menswear get more and more daring. However, men’s fashion is a territory that can easily be mapped. In 2017, things are going to have to be more spiced up to keep most men that are stylish and adventurous satisfied. This year, a quality pair of jeans or a denim accessory is one of those essential must-haves in every modern man’s wardrobe to keep his style classic, effortless, and eternally cool. To help you stay on point than past it this year and guide you in your search for the next ultimate denim accessory, we have put together a couple of denim pieces to complete your style.

  1. Slim leg jeans

The slim leg jeans are possibly the most versatile fit of all denim pieces. The slim leg of the jean flatters on heavier thighs while the tapered ankle works to make your silhouette seem elongated and slim. It is recommended to err on the side of a true fit, and a snug waistband fit being essential to guarantee you long-term comfort even when you start to experience some stretch on the fabric.

  1. Straight leg jeans

Straight leg jeans are essentially the OG of denim. They are traditional, an all-American classic ensemble that is mostly cut straight from the hips all the way down to the legs with very little tapering. This piece is best suited for athletic guys, but slim gents can also pull it off in casual settings.

  1. Skinny fit jeans

If your body is the lithe model type with slim legs and height, then the skinny fit jeans are definitely for you. These jeans are narrowly cut and close fitting. However, no matter your build, ensure that your skinny jeans are not completely skin tight. We are trying to achieve a rock star look, not body paint.

  1. Overalls

Being a favorite of most rappers all throughout 2016, overalls are your perfect chance to look unique in denim this year. And considering wide leg jeans are already popular these days, this will not be a big style leap for guys. Pair your overall with a graphic tee and jacket. This piece will make you the coolest overall version of yourself this year.

These denim pieces are sure separate you from the pack even as trends become increasingly diverse each passing season.

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