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DIY for Autumn Brides

AHHH, autumn, my favorite time of year! The earth comes alive with vivid hues and swirling breezes. Its natures style shift from faded pastels of summer to a deep, rich color palette. Autumn weddings can be stunning. It’s the perfect balance between the lighthearted recreation of summer and weighty winter nuptials. There are so many ways to bring the romance of autumn into your wedding without over extending your budget. Color is you first big choice when hosting an autumn wedding. Go full-on fall with deep red, dark orange, browns and golds. Want classic bridal style? Then accent traditional wedding white with charming shades of orange like apricot or pumpkin mist. For a trendy flair to your autumn wedding, combine the beautiful orange and greens of fall with vivid pinks or purples. No matter what color scheme you choose, you will have lots of autumn options from dresses to desserts.


Save with rustic country style, perfect for fall festivities. Professionally painted or printed signs and banners can add up to big bucks. Make your own signage using raw wood and natures scraps. First…take a walk! Pick up branches and bark that has fallen from trees. Use forest fragments and unfinished lumber. Next enlist the help of a friend who has great handwriting and a bit of creativity, provide a little paint, and ask them to create your directionals. Keep the rustic theme going and cut some of the branches horizontally to make disks. Now use a paint pen and write the name of your guests on one side, flip over and write their table number on the other side. As guests enter the reception have disks displayed names up. As they pick up their souvenir they will see their designated table number on the opposite side. Make rural table markers out of similar materials. Want to bring the outside in? Go total enchanted forest and suspend branches overhead to make an indoor reception look like the great outdoors.





Have an autumn hay day with inventive ways to use beautiful bails. Want affordable seating? Look to bails. If you are hosting an outside ceremony check out these fashionable ways to form bails into creative seating. Many companies will rent bails for a very low cost. Check near by feed and grain stores, local farms, large pet stores and even colleges with horticulture departments. Some businesses will only charge for delivery and pick-up! No matter how you arrange them they will need fabric toppers to keep guests comfortable. Cover bails with sheets, tablecloths or scrap fabric. Ask family members to lend a few of their household linens to create a bit of un-matched, heirloom magic. KNOW the difference! You want straw bails not hay bails. Hay is unprocessed grain used as animal food. Straw is hollow stems used as animal bedding. Straw is lighter and softer and works better as guest seating.






FALL FORWARD by blending traditional autumn colors with pure white wedding elegance. If you choose to capture classic wedding style in your autumn nuptials, use white as your principle color and accent with deep orange tones. Save money by having your catering or party company provide all white dishes and serving ware. By not selecting specific colors and distinctive styles in dishes this may reduce their prep time and cost you less. Buy bundles of orange flowers at your local flower mart. Adorn the white table display with splashes of rich autumn colors from soft shades to deep, distinctive hues. With white as your base and orange as your color scheme your wedding will be autumn amazing!




PIE, PIE ME O MY. NOTHING IS BETTER THAN AUTUMN WEDDING PIE! Fall is the best time to make your wedding pie perfect. Forgo the expensive wedding cake and let your guests indulge in a variety of pies. Hold a pie tasting contest at your reception with the bride and groom as judge. Ask guests to bake-up their favorite pie and write their name on the bottom of the pan. Have a designated table ready to beautifully display their creations. Make a cascading display by simply turning over baskets, apple crates, and rustic boxes or borrow lots of pie stands from family and friends. Give prizes for the best tasting, most beautiful and most creative. This truly allows your guests to participate in the reception AND saves you bundles in cake costs.




You can’t have an autumn wedding without autumn leaves! It’s the quintessential complement to any fall nuptials. Plus it’s FREE! A few days before the ceremony host a little pick-up party. This is a great activity for kids. Supply a few munchies and big wicker baskets. It’s a beautiful time of year for a stroll through a wooded area. Gather colorful leaves in all shapes and sizes. Scatter around the entire reception area, adorn tables, and let flower girls drop leaves instead of flower petals. Best of all…have guests throw colorful autumn leaves instead of bird seed! This makes for wonderful pictures. For a truly fabulous addition add dried lavender into the mix. The scent is amazing and the smell just gets more fragrant as guests crush the lavender beneath their shoes.





By Stacy Nelson, Trash Lassies

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