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Dress like a Celebrity- without the Cost


Movie stars, models and celebrities are always in the public eye.  This means that they need to look the best all the time; whether on the red carpet or simply popping to the shops.

In many ways this is why the casual chic clothing fashion has become so popular.  Everyone needs a way to look good without resorting to full dress up mode.

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This trend is not actually recent; most people attribute the start of the casual chic clothing to Gabrielle Chanel who opened her first dress shop in Paris in 1910.  Despite the interruption of the war she became the leader of the fashion world; revolutionizing the way people dress in the process.

How to get the Look

The first stage is to pick a celebrity that you can identify with.  You need to admire their clothing choices and even their personal preferences; this will help you to feel comfortable in the same style.

If they are a similar body shape to you it will help!

Victoria Beckham

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The look is classic, elegant and surprisingly simple.  This makes it exceptionally easy to copy; just don’t forget to add the obligatory sunglasses.

  • The Skirt – A pencil skirt; in this case featuring a nod towards the current trend of floral can be purchased from a wide variety of places on a budget. Good places to start looking are Mango and Nordstrom; where      similar skirt can be found for just $20


  • The Blouse

A striped blouse will provide an almost office like look.  This balances with the pencil skirt to provide a classic, yet casual and chic look.

You can locate similar products, or even the same ones in Victoria’s own clothing line.  However, it is also possible to find more budget friendly alternatives at places such as Zara and H&M; from as little as $20!

Gerard Butler


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Gerard Butler is the man of today; or so the adverts say.  Certainly when you see him dressed effortlessly chic, yet casual like this you can see why this phrase is so appropriate.  It might also explain why you would like to adopt his look.

  • The suit – This is a well tailored but loose fitting suit; designed to be worn on just these types of occasions. Whilst Gerard generally purchases suits from Tom Ford or J.Crew, you can find similar options from places such as SuitSupply; although they will set you back a few hundred dollars.  Of course, you will be able to wear it on multiple occasions.
  • The T-shirt – Gerard favors Henley shirts but you can copy this style from virtually any high street retailer. The key to achieving this look is in keeping the color neutral and darker than the suit.

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  • Scarf – Opt for a silk scarf in black, or a dark color from Hermès or even cosstores. This is an essential part of finishing the look and adds a little je ne sais quoi.

Jennifer Lopez


The actress and singer has achieved a huge amount in her life, as well as looking effortlessly chic all the time she has become a fan of the naked dress.

Although her version of this may cost a small fortune you will be pleased to know you can copy this look for just $111.  Simply visit Meshki to find the right one for you and enjoy the style which shows no sign of stopping soon!

There is always a way!

No matter who your favorite movie star or celebrity is; you can copy their look.  All you need to do is look at what they are wearing and break it down, piece by piece.  There will be a budget alternative.

The other option is to look for the celebrity and outfit on the internet; you may get lucky!


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