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Drone Wedding

Technology has changed a great deal in the last ten years; and it has expanded into industries that were previously pretty conservative when it came to equipment. Not too long ago, weddings were immortalized with posed pictures reminiscent of the eighties and maybe a videographer with limited angles that ended up making a video that looked the way power point presentations do now, but the story has changed, and today more and more couples are looking into videographers like Adrian Zaw from Zaw Studios who use drones to make memorable and beautiful videos of the special day.


Drone at the beach

Drones are all the rage amongst early adopters and techy people, they’re small flying devices that can have a camera attached, allowing the person piloting it to get aerial angles that give any finished video a professional and artistic feel. Before drones, these shots were only possible with helicopters or in film and production studios, but according to Adrian “drones are able to accomplish the same beauty of seeing the landscape, crowds, or property at a fraction of the price of a helicopter and we add, also at a fraction of the noise, and both indoors and outdoors! Not to mention that these are not only used to capture video, but gorgeous and timeless photographs you’ll want to share with everyone for a long time as well.


Adrian holding a Drone

No matter where you are, weddings are all about the magic and romance, they are about union and drones allow for the magical shots rarely seen outside of movies where the bride and groom are circled or the party is seen from the perspective of “a bird or Peter Pan”.

Now, Nistas, it’s important to make sure that before you hire a drone operator you ask for their portfolio, just like you would with any photographer or florist. Drones aren’t very expensive which opens up the market for many people to purchase them as toys and not necessarily become experts in flying them before they offer their services; this poses a danger as they can crash and break things or even hurt someone, not to mention getting bad footage. I’m sure you don’t want an inexperienced person filming one of the most important days of your lives. An experienced hand will also discuss and plan the drone’s flight in order to avoid the noise from distracting from the ceremony.




Adrian explains that “It’s best to save the drone shots for when you’re having a scenic moment, such as a first dance or an engagement session where sound is less of a factor than say exchanging vows.” He goes on to describe the sound of the Drone as “a swarm of bees”. These devices, when maneuvered by a professional, can film from 3 feet away from their target to 1,000 feet away! Of course, you’ll want someone very experienced to get as close as 3 feet away from anyone’s face or any surfaces that can get damaged. Personally, I’d love a shot of the party venue before the guests arrive, to remember every detail of the decor that took so long to plan!


There are few restrictions to the use of Drones, for example, make sure that whatever company you decide on has the appropriate liability insurance, Adrian wisely recommends. Once the video is taken, post-production can take as little as one to two days, a fact that Zaw Studios really pride themselves on, Adrian does point out, however, that they’re unique in such short waiting time and that this is due to “streamlined workflow and experience in making efficient production and hard work ethics”.

For all Nistas who want to be a princess, and for all techy and early-adopter Nistas as well as for those of us who just want a memorable and magical video commemorating the special day, this seems like a great option to explore. I know that when I get married, I’ll want a drone as a working guest. Let us know if you’re planning to use a drone for a wedding or other event, and if you don’t have any events coming up, let us know if you’d consider it below in the comments!


To find out more about Adrian or ZAW STUDIOS, visit their website where you’ll be able to get more detailed information and even see some of his work.

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