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Editor’s Picks – Accessories

Every girl likes shoes, right, Nistas? But shoes aren’t the only statement pieces in our closets; bags are a close second to shoes and I’m so excited to get to share these trends with you.

Von Ruhtenberg is a great designer label with a focus on quality and memorable, unique pieces. The designer, Tyler Von Ruhtenberg, loves interesting materials that leave us with our jaws open which is why, she’s being featured on mesonista! Remember her name, because she will be everywhere. This year will be the year of the statement bags, so I thought I’d show you what the trends are for what is left of this year and the beginning of the next!

Reptile Print

Reptile prints are one of my top prints, and soon, it will be one of yours also. These prints are easy to dress up with a dress and heels or dressed down with cuffed jeans and a blouse or a tucked in tee.

Another plus about these bags is that reptile prints are an awesome way to venture into prints if you’re not comfortable with them, while staying in the comfort zone of it being a neutral.

This editor’s pick is no exception, these bags bring not only the best of both worlds but also tons of room for all the important things we girls carry in our bags, A.K.A. our lives.

Editor’s Pick: Von Ruhtenberg


Brahmin ‘Duxbury-Mini’ Crossbody Bag

Available at Nordstrom $195.00


Aimee Kestenberg ‘Roxy’ Crossbody Bag

Available at Nordstrom $89.97



Multiple shades in a single accessory are a great trait, not only does it make it memorable, but it often becomes such a focus point for the outfit, that no other accessories are required! (Not that we won’t wear a cute bracelet of killer earrings anyway, but it’s a great go-to when we wake up late—Oops!)

The editor’s pick is splendid –great word, splendid.. I vow to use it more—this two tone bag uses two colors we rarely see together in harmony, black and navy, as well as the reptile print you already know I love so much.

Editor’s Pick: Von Ruhtenberg


Alexander McQueen Tulip Print Small De Manta Clutch

Available at Saks Fifth Avenue $450.00


Milly Sienna 2-in-1 tote

Available at Nordtrom $485.00


Black and White

The rule of thumb is this: if it never gets old, it’s a classic, and black and white is certainly right up there with pearls and the LBD (Little Black Dress). This combination of neutrals is sure to make any outfit sophisticated, and if your intent is not to do that, it matches everything, which is nothing short of a miracle in fashion.

From stripes to spots to color blocking, black and white is a grouping you can never go wrong with. Ms. Von Ruhtenberg’s design is classy, classic, and beautiful, not only coupling the two neutrals we love most, but also marrying the textures of the shiny reptile leather and the soft, almost understated fur.

Editor’s Pick: Von Ruhtenberg


3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli Colorblock Satchel Bag

Available at Bergdof Goodman $1050


MARC by Marc Jacobs Too Hot To Handle Striped Crossbody Bag

Available at Neiman Marcus $268.00



I don’t know about you, but when I think of luxury, the images that come to mind are of mink coats, gloves to the elbows, and a night at the theaters.

It’s a life I envy sometimes because…well, in the movies, these women often live in mansions and have butlers!

Alas, I guess we can’t have it all but we can feel like those women by carrying a bag (if not a full coat) made of fur, and let me tell you, it’s just as glamorous.

Shoulders back, neck long and a slight smirk complete the look. Tyler Von Ruhtenberg’s design is not only the fluffiest, warmest looking fur I’ve ever seen, but it’s also the exact shade I imagine those women wore.

Editor’s Pick: Von Ruhtenberg


Valentino Small Rocklock Colorblock Mink Fur Shoulder Bag

Available at Saks Fifth Avenue $5395.00


Dee Ocleppo Soho Leather and Lynx Fur Crossbody Bag

Available at Saks Fifth Avenue $1195.00


Statement piece

These bags are certainly a Nista Yes, but they don’t just make an outfit, they are the outfit!

When you’re carrying one of these around, you can wear the most basic of items and it won’t matter because the purse will elevate it as high as a Mohawk in London in the seventies! Or at least as high as the mohawk on the Tyler’s design.

Unique doesn’t even begin to cut it, made from the mane of the gazelle in Africa, this purse is flat until folded, at which point it seems to get a whole new hair style!

Editor’s Pick: Von Ruhtenberg


Alice + Olivia Present Box Leather Shoulder Bag

Available at Neiman Marcus $395.00


Marni Fringe Leather Zip Crossbody Bag

Available at Bergdorf Goodman $1250.00


Fall Colors

‘Tis the season…or ‘tis soon to be the season… or you know what I mean. Soon the songs come on the radio, lights begin to…grow on trees? (Seriously, I’ve never seen anyone putting them there, they just appear!) and jewel tones become crucial to our accessories.

The thing is that, often we forget that jewel tones are not limited to red, green, blue and purple, and our editor’s pick is a great example of that in this amazing mustard yellow.

Editor’s Pick: Von Ruhtenberg


Valentino Rockstud Colorblock Camera Bag

Available at Saks Fifth Avenue $1395.00


Alexander Wang Marti Convertible Backpack


There you have it Nistas… Accessories are statements! We can’t wait to get your thoughts on this, so don’t forget to comment.

Article by: Carla Vaisman

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