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Find your Dream Wedding Cake on a Budget

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Your wedding day is something you will probably have dreamed off since you were little; the perfect day. There will be a mix of your best friends and family with all eyes on you as you glide down the aisle. But, unless you are as rich as a celebrity you will quickly realize that weddings are expensive. Undertaking a wedding on a budget is challenging, but it can also be fun. The small details which can be altered to save your funds can also be those which add a personal and distinctive touch! Read on to find some attractive alternatives to make sure your wedding cake still looks stunning, despite costing a fraction of the price of those made by wedding cake specialists.
Shop Bought

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If you wish to venture into your nearest supermarket you are certain to find a selection of reasonably sized cakes. Ideally, you need to purchase one with a plain top or a light dusting of icing sugar. You can then ice the cake yourself and add some figurines to create an enticing looking cake. Instead of attempting to tier the cake, buy or rent a cake stand which will allow you to display three of these cakes separately at different heights; the effect will be quite impressive!

Home Made

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You may be lucky enough to have someone in your family or close circle of friends who enjoys making cakes and is actually quite good at it. If this is the case then you can encourage them to make your wedding cake. Again, it doesn’t need to be tiered, the real wow factor is in the way you display it. Even better, if you select this option you can let them have one or two test runs to make sure you are both happy for the big day. You will just have to remember not to get carried away eating the cake; your dress fitting will be imminent!
Naked Cake

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One of the latest trends is simply to go for the naked cake; a set of cakes without icing can still look stunning. It can also save you a significant sum as most of your hard earned money is for the time it takes to professionally frost a cake.
An Assortment

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If you are still struggling to find the right combination to match your theme and your personality then you should consider the assortment of cakes. Instead of purchasing an expensive wedding cake from a professional wedding cake maker you can purchase a range of cakes. This may be from your local supermarket, a general cake maker, home-made or a selection from all three. Putting half a dozen cakes into a nice arrangement does more than just look good; it will ensure everyone has a piece of their favorite cake!
The Local Bakers

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You have probably passed your local baker shop many times; more than likely avoiding the temptation to go in as you will want to fit into that dress! However, a local baker can make you a wedding cake for a fraction of the cost of a professional wedding cake maker. Providing you like the taste of their regular products you could be quite impressed with a cake created by them for you. The range may be less but so will the price be!
Cup Cakes

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This has become a popular alternative to large cakes at a range of events. The cupcake is easy to pick up and eat at an event and can be created in a huge range of flavors and looks. This will help when you put them together to create a stunning and towering effect. Adding a regular homemade or shop purchased cake to the top and a scattering of cup cakes round the base will be certain to add the wow factor to your special day.
Skip the Cake

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There is nothing to say you have to have a cake! If you are not keen on cakes yourself then create an ornamental table; emphasizing that you chose not to have a cake. Alternatively do it your way; purchase lots of sweets and shape them into a cake, cover an area in a variety of miniature chocolate bars. You can even create a pancake stack for early morning weddings, or a sticky marshmallow pile! The sky is really your limit; just let your imagination run free and not only will you save money but you’ll have a talking point that will always be remembered!

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