The French Influence – Can Floral and Casual Chic Work Together?

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The French Influence – Can Floral and Casual Chic Work Together?


Floral patterns have been in and out of fashion many times over the years; so it should not have been surprising to see them making a comeback at this year’s Paris fashion show.





What may have surprised you is how well they have been adopted and survived throughout the spring to become a must have part of your summer wardrobe.  It is likely you will still be wearing them in the fall!



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The French Connection

Paris has been seen as a city of fashion and culture for many centuries; it manages to capture the romantic, the mystical and the fashionable.  But the latest version of floral is more than just a nod to the past!

It should be remembered that the French were one of the first to use floral patterns; as far back as the 18th century!  During a period known as the Enlightenment Paris became the place for art and fashion; something that has not changed to this day!

In fact, it was King Louis XV’s mistress who introduced the style known as Rococo which embraced light colors and floral patterns.

The energy and passion of history combined with modern designers was certainly expressed when a group of models were set loose on the streets of Paris, providing a fantastic party; embracing all the latest fashion trends; including florals!



How does it become Casual Chic?




Source: Vogue


The latest line of florals suggests energy, passion and the future.  It is a nod to the dynamic capabilities of women today whilst an acknowledgement of the fashions of the past.

But the real question is whether these catwalk fashion items can be worn comfortably and stylishly in your everyday life.  Do they offer a casual chic look or are you still thinking hippy?

The answer is, as always, in how you wear it.  The floral one piece is always going to suggest summer, possibly even the beach party.  But that doesn’t mean to say you can’t look chic in it:



The reason why floral works so well in the summer is that it can be worn simply:

  • A floral dress like the one above; ensuring you are the epitome of style.



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  • A floral skirt and plain top

Source: Pinterest

  • A floral top and a plain skirt; trousers or even tailored shorts

Unfortunately, this can be much more difficult to pull off successfully in the cooler evenings and the fall.  Florals are a fantastic look and add femininity to virtually any outfit; but they can also easily overpower the other items you are wearing.


Floral clothing can also clash; taking you away from casual chic and more towards casual or worse!  The more layers you need to wear the harder this can be to achieve; but it is possible:




To succeed in wearing florals you need to balance them against neutral clothing; this will ensure the attention focuses on your floral fashion and you portray the image of a fashionable, casual, yet chic lady about town.

Can You Wear Floral Successfully as Casual Chic?

The answer is definitely yes!  But, as with any fashion item; you must balance it with the right amount of smart and casual.  Florals, in particular, need to be combined with neutral colors to ensure you get the Wow factor just right!

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