Katy Perry; Even Pop Stars Can Do Casual Chic!

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Katy Perry; Even Pop Stars Can Do Casual Chic!


Katy Perry is no stranger to the limelight.  Ever since the release of her first single, ‘I Kissed a Girl’ in 2008; she has risen steadily into the world of pop superstardom.

In keeping with many pop and rocks stars she has developed an eclectic style which borders onto the crazy at times!

You will, of course, be familiar with her impressive and often outrageous on stage costumes.  She has also managed to bring a range of styles to the red carpet.  These include the standard designer frocks and some more ingenious creations:


Can Katy Perry Do Casual Chic?

But the real question is whether Katy can do casual chic?  Is it possible for this pop star to wear the sort of clothes that you would want to copy and can get hold off; whilst looking effortlessly chic!

The answer is a resounding yes!  The following images simply prove this point:




Source: MTV


This simple number combines with the naturally falling hair to create an effortless casual chic look which can be worn all day and into the evening.  You can purchase similar styled dresses from places like ASOS.

Ready For Work?



Source: Pinterest


Keep everyone looking by pairing a simple black pencil skirt with a leopard print blouse.  You could be heading to work or to the bar; the result is the same; effortlessly chic and exceptionally easy to copy!

Summer Cool


Are you ready for the summer?  This simple yet classic white dress will ensure you remain cool whilst looking fantastic!  The lack of accessories and jewellery emphasizes the clean lines of the dress and your tan!

Take in a Show

Source: Just Jared


Casual, chic and ready for anything!  This simple trouser suit can get you into the hottest places in town, but it won’t leave you looking out of place whilst you shop.  You can find an assortment of similar outfits online; just select the one which appeals to you the most!

Making a Good Impression

Source: 4.pictures


If you are looking to make a positive impact, without going over the top then a simple short dress coupled with boots and over the knee socks can be just the right thing.  To really get the effect it is best to keep all the colors dark.

City Dwelling




Source: http://wpc.4d27.edgecastcdn.net


When visiting the Big Apple you need to keep cool whilst looking effortlessly chic.  This dress has a layered effect to catch the eye; highlighting her figure.  The white ankle boots almost blend into the pavement; keeping the focus on you!


Source: Getty Images


At this festive time of year it is important to consider what you will be wearing on the 4th July.  Katy proves you can, if you are bold enough, keep it casual, chic and extremely patriotic!  Add some plain leggings for a more dressed down look.

  The Little Black (and white) Dress

Source: I want that style


The little black dress, even with a few stripes added, will never truly go out of fashion.  This off the shoulder number is perfect for when the weather heats up; whether you are at the marina or looking to buy an ice cream!

Although Katy is often seen in outlandish costumes for her shows, or figure hugging items to display her curves; she is also capable of doing the casual chic look.  Choose your favorite outfit and make the most of any event you attend!



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