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Men – How to Tell the Difference Between Casual and Casual Chic


It’s not just women that want to make the right impression!  Many people think that a man can slip into jeans and a t-shirt and be ready in seconds.  However, this is not always the case.  Making the right impression only happens once, and it can be very difficult to know which the right look is.


The Evolution of Casual Chic



In the olden days it was simple; men wore suits! In the 1800’s and the early 1900’s the suit was the only attire a gentleman needed.  Granted there were a few changes over the years; turn-ups were fashionable for a while as was the line pressed into the front of your trousers; but the basic look stayed the same.

Suits evolved through the 1900’s but the same principle remained; to be taken seriously you needed a smart pair of trousers, shirt and a blazer.  It has only really been since the late part of the 20th century that men’s fashion moved into a field of its own.  Only at this point did it become necessary for men to differentiate between casual, casual chic and smart.


What is Casual Chic?



In short it is a balance between your informal attire and your more formal attire!  The issue that you will face is that there is not a set standard.  In some circumstances a pair of jeans and a shirt is enough.  In others you will need to add a tie, or even a sports blazer; the question of whether a blazer can be causal or not is a whole other issue!


The Casual Chic Dress Code



Casual chic is difficult to get right!  You will want to achieve a look which shows you as unique, yet contemporary and refined!  It is a matter of standing out; without looking like you want to stand out.

This means you generally need to keep the colors simple.  Jeans or smarter dark trousers are always a good starting point.  Whilst jeans can be coupled with a plain shirt, you should avoid doing so with your smart trousers; of course, there are exceptions to this!


The Range of Casual Chic



If you are looking to make a serious but friendly impression then you will need to adopt the smart trousers approach.  This is the top end of casual chic.  But rather than coming across too formal; replace the traditional shirt with a V-neck t-shirt.  Add a smart jacket; preferably in a different color too your trousers and look effortlessly chic, smart and casual in one go!

If you prefer to dress it down a little, but stay within the realms of casual chic then you may prefer the jeans and shirt combination.  This maintains a level of smartness; which is essential to portraying the casual chic look.  But, it allows you to stay closer to the casual or street style look.



To avoid coming across as too smart it can be a good idea to couple your shirt (and even tie) with a sweater.  Although not so essential at this time of year, it can be a lifesaver when the temperature starts to drop.  Alternatively, you may want to impress that certain lady by draping over her shoulders to keep her warm!



It goes almost without saying that the shoes you wear will need to be smarter.  Trainers will not cut it!



You can opt for a slip on style shoe or a canvas lace up; either will look good with your outfit.  In fact, you can even go with the classic suit shoe, or a personal favorite, the short boot.

But, one question that you may have to answer yourself is whether you wear socks or not; the trend is not clear; with those who favor it on both sides.  Perhaps you should consider the venue and the occasion before you make your decision!


Choose Wisely!

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Before selecting your clothes take a moment to consider where you are going and who you are trying to impress.  If you want to keep it simple pair your smart shoes with a good quality pair of dark jeans and a smart shirt.  You’ll win hearts by looking effortlessly chic; yet casual enough to slot in anywhere!


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