Men – What to Wear: Smart Casual, Business Casual or casual Chic?

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Men – What to Wear: Smart Casual, Business Casual or casual Chic?

Long gone are the days when any self respecting man can throw on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt to go to almost any event.  Even the suit, a staple of many wardrobes, can no longer be relied on to be the right attire for every occasion.

Why is it Becoming Harder to Dress?

The answer is simple!  The world is getting smaller; there are more cross culture influences than ever before and a pressing need to stand out from the crowd.  This does not mean dressing in anything or everything in your wardrobe; you need to apply the right style for the occasion.

If you get it right you will turn heads, even if you are dressed in the same type of attire as everyone else in the room.  The reason for this is twofold:



Looking good equates to feeling good; this shows as confidence and will attract others to you.



Discover the Difference between Smart Casual, Business Casual and Casual Chic

It is essential to understand what each of these categories means in order to look the part.  You know the feeling if you get it wrong; you stand out for all the wrong reasons; just like a sore thumb!

  • Business casual



This is very easy to get right; take your smart suit and remove the jacket and tie.  Alternatively you can locate some good quality trousers and a collared shirt.  To finish the look you must have a good pair of shoes; designer (fake or real) works best.  Don’t forget to complete your standard grooming routine to achieve the professional look.

  • Smart Casual


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This can be a little harder to get right!  You need to look professional without wearing your suit!

The best way to achieve this is to pair smart jeans with a sports jacket.  You will need to go for a collared shirt, but not a plain one.  If you feel like adding a tie into the mix then this will work!

You can also trade the jeans for smart trousers but not suit ones!  The key to pulling this look off is to appear as though you are ready for anything; this can be accentuated with a solid pair of shoes or even short boots; providing they are clean!


  • Casual Chic

Without doubt this is the most fun look and the easiest to get right; it allows you to express yourself completely.  But, choose the right occasion.  This is what you wear for a night out with friends, or even a day round the town; not the important business meeting!


Casual chic should never be confused with casual; the only time you get to just chuck those jeans and t-shirt on!  Giorgio Armani sued up casual chic with “The essence of style is a simple way of saying something complex!”

This style is about balance; quality jeans need to be matched with a dressy top and shoes.  In contrast dressier trousers can be matched with a smart, well fitted t-shirt.

Both outfits rely on dresser shoes or even boots to carry the look.

In general you will want to opt for neutral colors as these can be blended together in  variety of combinations; making the perfect outfit for almost any occasion.


The look you are going for embraces the latest fashion trends and combine them with a more traditional look.  To personalize each look it is best to add a few accessories; but keep these to a minimum; you don’t want to end up looking like MR T.!

Now you know how to dress you just need to decide which outfit is right for the occasion!


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