Men’s Shoe Spotter: This Season’s Hottest Trends

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Men’s Shoe Spotter: This Season’s Hottest Trends

Sometimes our male Nistas are left to their own devices when it comes to fashion trends and in-style secrets, but we’re always willing to share our style tips. As the fashion usually changes from season to season, men have it easier than women. While women are swapping out all their closed shoes for open sandals, men are still rocking their favorite sneakers or boots.

Although most men have traded in their Timberland boots for a more rugged pair, we’re listing all the shoe styles you’ll need this fashion season.



If you’re looking for a shoe that can double as a dress shoe but can also be dressed down, bucks are a great style. These shoes feature a distinct panel down the front and along the sides. The Johnston and Murphy Wingtip Bucks are ideal if you’re looking to add a bit of color to your wardrobe. Although these shoes come in classic colors like tan, navy blue, brown, and black, the accents are what set them apart from regular bucks. The laces of these bucks match the color of the sole which can appear in red, blue, and even purple.


Brooks Brothers’ Suede Bucks might seem sleeker than the Johnston and Murphy’s and this is because of how their laces are tied. These shoes are meant to have the laces peeking out on top over the shoe and the rest of the laces are to remain hidden to give it a crisper look without the tied laces.


The Brooks Brothers’ Suede Bucks also set themselves apart from the regular bucks by coming in different colors. If you’re not a “regular” male Nista and prefer to show off your style with a dash of color, these suede bucks appear in colors like green, white, red, and a powdered blue.

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