How to Pick the Perfect Chic Travel Outfit

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How to Pick the Perfect Chic Travel Outfit

How to Pick the Perfect Chic Travel Outfit

When you decide it is time to have a vacation the first thing you will decide, is where to go.  There are so many places to choose from that this can be a difficult decision!

However, once you have selected a destination you will be faced with two dilemmas:

  1. What Clothes do Your Take?

This can be a serious issue but will be largely controlled by the destination and type of holiday you are endeavoring to enjoy.

  1. What do I wear to travel?

The moment this thought registers in your head you will probably drop into a panic!  After all, you may be in a cool climate heading to a hot one.  Alternatively you may be about to vacation in a cold location!  Whichever option fits, you will instantly have an issue regarding the best clothes to choose for the travelling part.  Airplanes, buses and even trains tend to be hot; but you also have to get to and from the point of travel.

The following tips will make sure you do this in style!


Even if you are travelling to somewhere hot you can never go wrong in a pair of close fitting trousers.  Cropped trousers, including jeans are a fashion must at the moment.  The fact that they are comfortable and show off the contour of your legs is simply a bonus!

The secret to getting your cropped trousers right is to stick to the 7/8ths rule.  An extra point is that this shows just enough flesh to spark an interest from every man you see.


The Breton stripe is hot one of the in words within the fashion industry.  You can opt for figure hugging or loose fitting, but a three quarter length sleeve is essential to complete the look.  Combined with your cropped trousers you will suggest effortless chic with a touch of summer.


Your jacket makes a big difference to the finish of your outfit.  You need to ensure it is on the smart side of casual to lift your whole outfit and balance the casual with the chic.  It must be a plain color and, ideally, either dark or white.  Bright colors are simply too conflicting with your Breton striped top!  You want to look effortlessly cool!


Let’s face it, shoes are a nightmare!  They are, almost certainly, one of your favorite things to buy; but the most difficult to know which are the right ones to take with you.  As for the pair to wear; the list is endless.

The casual sneaker is a comfortable option, although it needs to be an up market version to accompany your casual chic travel outfit.  Most outfits can be accompanied by a pair of sandals, but are they really the right choice for travelling in?  Especially if you find yourself walking for miles; not everyone gets celebrity level service!

Perhaps the best choice is simply to opt for a flat shoe to enable comfortable travel; but one that will match your outfit and provide you with the casual chic look you need and deserve:


Choosing a travel outfit is not easy; the destination will play a big part in your decision.  After all, it is relatively easy to withstand the temperature, whether hot or cold, if you are prepared for where you are going.

However, to ensure you get the image right, keep your outfit simple and opt for layers; this will allow you to adapt for the temperature.  The current trend for striped top can serve a traveler well; a light color will detract heat but can keep you warm, whilst a light jacket can lift your entire ensemble without being arduous to travel with.  

Perhaps the real secret is to keep it simple; you probably already own casual chic clothes; don’t over think your selection.  This really is one of those times when less can be more!

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