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Kendall Jenner inspired looks featuring Stan Smith

There’s a triumphant comeback that Nistas everywhere love: the Stan Smith Adidas sneaker is experiencing its revival. Approved by the fashion masses, the Stan Smith looks great on everyone and gives every outfit a clean and finished look.

This shoe made its first appearance in 1963 but didn’t become popular until it was rereleased in 2014. The simple design and clean white color are being eaten up by celebrity Nistas, like fashion “it girl” Kendall Jenner, who has been spotted numerous times rocking these fabulous sneakers.

Here’s how to get the Kendall Jenner- Stan Smith look:

For Nistas looking for the comfortable daytime outfit, who doesn’t love the simple all black look? Here we see Jenner wearing a simple all black outfit and her White Stan Smiths. The sneakers contrast perfectly with Jenner’s black ensemble, making the Smiths really stand out.


Pants Lululemon Wonder Under Leggings black- $98 LULULEMON.COM
High-Neck Crop Top black- $20.00 FREEPEOPLE.COM
Shoes Stan Smith Adidas- $75 ADIDAS.COM

Have you ever seen a Nista wear sneakers on a night out? Jenner proves that wearing Stan Smiths out on the town makes an outfit look polished. With her tight long black dress and black hand bag , Kendall once again shows the chicness of her monochromatic black dressand her white sneakers.


Black Vince Dress- $345 NORDSTROMS.COM,
Black Rebecca Minkoff Bag- $225 REBECCAMINKOFF.COM
Shoes Stan Smith Adidas- $75 ADIDAS.COM

Lastly, for Nistas looking for their bold daytime outfit, Jenner once again pulls together the perfectly stylish look. Wearing the perfect amount of color, this Nista shows that the Stan Smith sneakers don’t always need the drama of black and white to finish off a perfect look.

This time Jenner is seen sporting white loose cropped pants, a light pink crop top (one of Kendall’s many signature styles), a white purse, and her white Stan Smiths.


Pink High-Neck Crop Top- $25 FREEPEOPLE.COM
White Pinto Wrap Detail Cropped Pants- $325 SHOPBOP.COM
Stan Smith Adidas- $75 ADIDAS.COM
White Rebecca Minkoff Bag- $275 REBECCAMINKOFF.COM

There you have it Nistas: a selection of Kendall Jenner inspired outfits that will go perfectly with your Stan Smith Sneakers. You can officially forget about your old sneakers, because these Adidas are hotter than ever. Be daring! Try out one of the Kendall Jenner looks that she has created around her sneakers.

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