Not over 2016’s big, bold statement earrings yet? Good news- neither are we. Only a few days into spring and the big apple’s runway shows, and the style can be seen accented on the lobes of countless models. The obvious trend is evolving beyond classic hoops to edgy, chains, gold and silver links, and other bold, hardware-focused baubles by most designers. You might be a bit nervous when you realize most clothing and accessories are heading in a bigger, giant-everything direction this spring, and everything you wear will probably swallow you whole. But, this list is determined to show you big, bold pieces that will make you stand out.

  1. Mismatched Hardware

Designers took an edgier route with statement earrings, pairing one single sculptural dangler with equally asymmetrical separates. Pair these pieces with other quietly subversive elements like deconstructed suiting, dainty septum rings, and sequined chokers to give your look a sophisticated kind of grit.

  1. Three’s a Charm

Ear ornaments this spring are following clean lines with a chain of three or more interlocking circles, and are the perfect complement for strong shaped clothing. Most of these pieces come in silver, and considering the preponderance of gold jewelry displayed in the last few seasons, this subtle shift feels fresh.

  1. Rose Gold

Rose gold earrings are another way to shake things up this spring. Ranging from just a few inches to nearly shoulder-skimming in length, the earring’s coppery luster design is special enough to elevate some lower key offerings such as a short sleeve sweater and black skirt combo. But will it work the same magic on your favorite monochrome T-shirt and jeans? That is definitely a bet worth taking.

  1. Bad Girls’ Club

More-is-more maximalism is shaping up to be the quickest way to the cool kids’ table this spring. The references for these ensembles may vary from glam rock and rave culture, louche tropical vibes, to rockability rebels. Even so, ultimately, they all feature the same young, wild, and free spirit. Pair these earrings with a graphic T-shirt for a badass surprise when you tuck your hair behind your ears.

  1. Garden party

This season’s bright, bold, and brilliant floral textures feel fresh in their unabashed femininity, blooming up and down every attire and accessory. And while they come in all shades of the rainbow, our favorites are those that feature primary colors anchored down with some polished black.

For those with ample confidence, there are endless opportunities to explore across the earrings board this season. From simple shades to the richest hues, there is a tune everyone’s earlobe can sing this spring.



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